Ethereum bETH to stETH

Lido is sunsetting Anchor bETH integration
Lido DAO is sunsetting Anchor integration. The UI would be shutting down after 22 July, please, make sure to withdraw your funds.
Convert your Terra bETH back to stETH. If you have Terra bETH, you need to transfer it to the Ethereum side first. To do that, use this form: Wormhole bridge
You receive
0.0 stETH
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What is bETH?

bETH is a token representing your staked ETH (stETH) on Terra. Unlike stETH, your bETH balance remains constant with staking rewards to be claimed in the form of UST tokens – a stablecoin issued by the Terra protocol – on Anchor.

bETH is called webETH on Terra according to the convention used for Wormhole-bridged Terra assets.